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Love Passage

Love & Patience
Love Passage

Love & Patience

Love can be a mystery sometimes, as its cause and effects occasionally are hard to comprehend.
Love knows no border.
No heart hard enough to stop it.
Yet love is so tender and delicate, Like a new born baby.
It’s full of surprises. Its happy moments are cherished and difficult moments endured.
The feeling it gives is tantalizing and oh, i hear some have even killed for love. Or is that love?
Weak persons are made strong by love. Strong persons conquered by love.
Ambitious people fly on its wings.
All of a sudden cowards turn out heroic.
I bumped into love one time i remember.
It made me know me and i gave me all.
My heart felt so full. For once i was willing to behave a fool.
Oh, how it makes an old person feel so small and a young person feel forever young.
I bet it’s a time machine in essence or it just steals the presence so we know its magnificence.
Love i know you but i fear i don’t fully comprehend you.

What fear does to you

What fear does to you
What fear does to you

What fear does to you..you decide

Fear has the force to save your life or destroy it. You as a person you have the final say to what fear does to you. Being afraid is human but how you respond to it has a bearing on how you will live your life. In this post, i will show you negative things that fear does to an individual. I hope you have not fallen prey to these – anyway, you can still deny to succumb to it.

Here is what fear does:-

1. Fear blinds you of the obvious

When fear overcomes your mind, your thinking is affected. Rational thinking is now irrational. What is clear becomes blurred. Your ‘YES’ becomes your ‘NO’. This is because fear has made you panic. When you are in panic choose not to panic. Take a deep breath and ask your “what am i doing”,”what does this situation require me to do?”.

2. It hides the weakness(es) of the opponent and exposes your weakness(es)

Fear makes you consider the strength of who/what you want to conquer highly. In the Bible the children of Israel perceived their enemy as giants and themselves as grasshoppers. If your attitude is to ignore your strength and focus on what the opponent will do to you, then I bet you, you will never overcome anything unless by chance and chances are rare!. Though, knowing the strength of your predicament is necessary, it should not be done always so that you refrain from achieving your goal.

3. Fear limits your potential

Once you step back because you are overwhelmed by fear, you limit your potential to be an achiever. Many people die or grow old without knowing what they are capable of because every time life grants them chance to unlock themselves, they shun away unwilling to face failure. Ironically, fear of facing failure makes them failures.

4. It demeans you

Not many people like scaredy-cat. A fearful person will not represent a business in its full capacity, will barely make a sale or approach the person who might be your love. In the end, when people know that fear is your food, they will inevitably look down on you for lacking a backbone. I am sure you know people you cannot trust for being stupidly scared.

5. Fear says you are a failure

Every time fear rules you, inwardly it is saying you are a failure already why try now. Do not let fear make you lose in life. A whitewash defeat has become a norm in your life because of fear. Do not give fear a voice to dictate your life. Stop personifying fear to become your drill instructor.

6. Fear says you do not have the ability

I have seen people who have great abilities to do marvelous things, live in doubt of themselves, thinking there is nothing in them that they can offer to the world. My sister, Carol (anyway you don’t know her) has an amazing voice but fear has made her to put the voice in the closet because every day fear preaches to her that she has no ability. I urge you as i urge my sister to stop telling yourself i cannot do because you can.

7. Makes you look, feel and behave stupid

I remember vividly how i felt every time i got scared to approach a lady. I felt stupid, I behaved stupidly in front of a lady and I looked stupid before my friends. Fear does make us, make you scamper like a hyena from great opportunities of this life. It is high time my sister, my brother to look bold, feel confident and behave majestically and say “fear where is your victory?.”

We shall continue in part 2. I fear 🙂 you might get bored reading.