About Us?

about us - lifedeciphered
about – lifedeciphered

We are you. People trying to live the best in this life. We gather tips that will help you enjoy life. And, we expect to learn from you as well.

What We DO

what we do
what we do

Improving people’s lives by all good means possible is what we do.


Get Involved

get involved
get involved
  • Read, post and print what you and us
  • Become a contributor. If you are interested to post here let us know and we will give you a spot
  • Share what you read or posted.

Life is so real that at times we wish it was unreal. Life has ups and downs and it is the downs that make all the sour. Let us  to help you cope with life especially when the downs creep in.

You know the saying that “No man is an Island”?. 

That saying is a spin-off of life. Those who have lived before us came to that conclusion. And, it is true. Thus, Life Deciphered mainly looks to life itself for inspiration. We say let life teach us, we the obedient students.

All that we and others have learnt we share here.

Life teachers is what we are not but learners and whatever we learn we freely give away.