Love Passage

Love & Patience
Love Passage

Love & Patience

Love can be a mystery sometimes, as its cause and effects occasionally are hard to comprehend.
Love knows no border.
No heart hard enough to stop it.
Yet love is so tender and delicate, Like a new born baby.
It’s full of surprises. Its happy moments are cherished and difficult moments endured.
The feeling it gives is tantalizing and oh, i hear some have even killed for love. Or is that love?
Weak persons are made strong by love. Strong persons conquered by love.
Ambitious people fly on its wings.
All of a sudden cowards turn out heroic.
I bumped into love one time i remember.
It made me know me and i gave me all.
My heart felt so full. For once i was willing to behave a fool.
Oh, how it makes an old person feel so small and a young person feel forever young.
I bet it’s a time machine in essence or it just steals the presence so we know its magnificence.
Love i know you but i fear i don’t fully comprehend you.



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